Black Box Analog Design doesn’t have an official start date. Rather, it began as two audio engineers tried to make their own work easier, smarter and faster but needed to invent the tools they envisioned using. The goal of a product line with world-wide distribution never crossed their minds as they were creating just for themselves and a few close friends.

The early days were full of experimentation with design, function, colors and form. These unique one-offs and prototypes have since found their way into studios across the continent and, indeed, around the world and have become treasured secret weapons in the arsenals of working producers and engineers.

The legacy products and the feedback that was received from the early adopters and supporters led Eric & Robert down the path that brought Black Box Analog Design to its current product line – a product line that is truly produced entirely by and for working audio engineers.


Building a Black Box Analog Design Tube pre in just over 6 min from eric racy on Vimeo.





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